The leather tiles in the rooms of the kinds.

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The colour, decor, design should always be combined with the security in children’ rooms: the leather tiles as a decorative colorful and safe at the same time.


Games, colors, fabrics, wall coverings: additions and furnishings of the rooms bright and exuberant children can not sacrificing functionality, ease of cleaningsecurity of materials.


This double meaning is to be respected not only in the rooms for children within private homes but also in gathering places such as nurseries or kindergartens.


In this context, the architect Joey Ho has created Spring,  which is his interpretation of the place par excellence deputy to children: a brand new nursery.

The project developed in Hong Kong has the ambition to be new and to reject the usual format for children, all identical to each other that refer to the cliches of fairy tales: spaces full of the colors of the rainbow, cartoon characters and toys of all kinds, which often are the result of the projection of the desires of an adult.


The whole center is in fact pervaded by a range of neutral colors, white, light green, pastel blue and wood. What is not lacking, however, the details are playful, fun, able to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children.


A neutral canvas on which to bring out spectacular detail and this is the same philosophy of many compositions made ​​with leather tiles Lapèlle Design. On the soft colors of the collections stand out the most classic leather tiles laminate that combine the characteristics of color to the warmth of genuine leather. In addition, the leather tiles Lapèlle design perfect for adding a high capacity soundproof rooms for children. Due to the unique installation system, in addition, the leather tiles Lapèlle Design can be moved, removed, or changed also becoming a fun game or simply allowing you to change the design of the room according to the tastes and needs of the growing child.


In the gallery above, some pictures of Spring, the nursery designed by Joey Ho giving the space a new dimension, that of children.