Many different compositions especially created by Lapèlle designers team, which could be the perfect solution for most exclusive environments.


Dare, dream, experiment. Lapèlle design offers a system suitable for every type of surfaces- regular and curve. Choose this pattern to give a personal touch to the most impersonal spaces and transform them with the elegance of genuine leather.

Sizes: cm 30x30
Leather: Cheope 02



A neutral, yet finest composition to enrich the walls of your studio, of the living room or of your bedroom and to give a feel of warmth and comfort never had before. Choose the light colour and combine it with the dark one for an unexpected depth and width. The soft touch of the suede leather gives a feeling of intimacy, care and glow to the ambient, evoking comfort, relax and peacefulness.

Sizes: cm 30x30, 30x15, 15x15
Leather: Suede 03, 26



An artistic mosaic of Lapèlle leather tiles for a modern and eclectic atmosphere. A delicate and elegant composition made of white leather tiles together with champagne brilliance obtained with our Venus collection, ideal to give a touch of grace and style to your interior.

Sizes: cm20x20, 10x10
Leathers: Naos 01, Venus 02