Luna, your bathroom wears natural leather

2 March 2015 Senza categoria


Lapèlle leather tiles make the bathroom an original, warm and sophisticated place.

Extraordinary easy to install and very versatile with its infinite colors and textures palettes

Natural, material, glamour: Luna leather tiles, installed in the bathroom, makie it softly warm, delicate and seductive. Precious removable tiles that, thanks to an easy and patented installation system, are a real revolution in the way we design spaces.

Luna creates soft, elegant and exclusive atmospheres, mixing innovative design with ancestral perceptions. Leather, in fact, gives us empathic sensations and emotions.


Different textures and colors are available in square, rectangular, triangular, flat and 3D shapes, that you can freely mix together following your taste and needs. Through a unique patented installation system, each leather tile can be installed and replaced easily, without any structural work. The composition of the tiles, which does not require the use of rigid or heavy materials, also allows the perfect installation on any surface, even curved or irregular, and also on a pre-existing covering. Besides that the extreme lightness does not affect the buildings.

All Lapèlle collections are a valid alternative to traditional coverings, with the possibility to easily change the color and texture. The more you look at leather tiles in the bathroom the more they become a “must have” in the most intimate room.

Lapèlle leather tiles are suitable also for contract for their extreme ease of application and because of their sound-absorbing properties.

Lapèlle tiles are made on bovine or full-grain buffalo finished leather saddled in the mould on a polyurethane structure with medium density, which allows the installation also in humidity conditions as in a bathroom. The saddling does not use neither glues nor solvent resins. The leather is treated to be waterproof and stain-proof.