Lapèlle Design leather tiles concept

  • Lapèlle Design: soft and flexible leather tiles collections that can be changed or moved each time you want. Exclusive, elegant and charming interiors that become unique thanks to the precious leather wall coverings and leather floorings. Perfectly blending artistry and constant search for improvement, the elements that have been marking Scamosceria Astico’s production for over 60 years, our collections for leather tiles combine the comfort deriving from totally natural raw material, such as leather, with elegance, variety of finishing and colours, and thermo-acoustic performances, thus making Lapèlle Design leather tiles the perfect solution for any interior: bedroom, home-theatre, stylish residence, luxury hotel, yacht interiors, and children’s room. To create a mosaic with Lapèlle Design leather tiles becomes a game of style thought not only to meet the requirements of the most ambitious designers, but also to be affordable to anyone, thanks to its exclusive laying system, studied and patented by Scamosceria Astico, so that we can remove, replace or lodge back every leather tiles many times in a simple and intuitive way.

Lapèlle Design leather tiles plusses

  • Our leather tiles are flexible and therefore ideal covering for rounded, irregular walls, angles and corners
  • Lapèlle Design leather tiles can be removed and replaced endless times
  • The installation of our leather tiles is simple, intuitive and does not require any specialized staff
  • Lapèlle Design leather tiles collections of wall coverign and leather flooring are elegant, fine, exclusive and thought to be mixed with one another
  • Our leather tiles use 100% natural leather that gives warmth and comfort to any interior
  • Leather tiles for wall coverings of leather floors are soft to touch, pleasurable to our bare feet in our bedroom
  • The self-adhesive layer on which the leather tiles covering is fixed does not damage the surface on which it is placed on
  • If you use wall or flooring leather tiles, Lapèlle Design leather tiles collections stand as an excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Lapèlle Design leather tiles covering is the ideal solution in case of renovation:
    • they do not weight heavily on structures
    • they can be placed on already existent floors and coverings, thus avoiding the discomfort of demolition and discharge costs
  • Lapèlle Design leather tiles are light and can therefore be easily moved
  • All the collections of Lapèlle Design leather tiles covering are made in such a way as to last for a long time, owing to stain-proof and waterproof treatments.
  • All leather tiles can use the natural elasticity of leather to adjust also to rough sizes..
  • Leather tiles can be cut directly at the moment of installation.