Embossed Leather Tiles

To give depth to the composition, some of Lapèlle Design leather tiles are available in the embossed version. Here below the dimensions available in the embossed version:
- Cm 5x10
- Cm 10x30
- Cm 10x50
- Cm 15x15
- Triangle cm 15x15


Pyramidal Leather Tiles

One of the latest news of Lapèlle Design leather tiles is the asymmetric pyramide with a squared base (cm 10x10). The particular shape creates different light and shadows contrasts according to the installation orientation.


Waves Leather Tiles

On the cm30x50 shape, you can ask for a 3D finishing that enriches the tile with an elegant waves decoration


Geometric Leather Tiles

The ‘geometric’ finishing is available on the cm 50x50 tiles. This decoration is particulary suggested on big surfaces to give them more depth.


Customized 3D Decorations

Lapèlle Design offers the opportunity to make the leather tiles unique imprinting in 3D a logo or a customized decoration