Technical Area


Leather tiles for flooring and covering laying system

The leather tiles laying system, Scamosceria Astico's exclusive patent, is certainly one of the elements that mostly differentiates Lapèlle Designs leather tiles from other leather coverings.
The installation of leather tiles, whether flooring, coverings, walls or furniture, is easy and very intuitive; it does not require any specialized staff and enables to remove or replace every leather tiles endless times. Lapèlle Design leather tiles let us make mistakes, change our minds, follow the mood, or simply play. After laying a self-adhesive layer on the entire surface to be covered, we apply on it, back-to-back, every leather tiles, which are now fixed to the surface yet removable for any return or maintenance. Lapèlle Design patent also extends to leather tiles that do not need any rigid support, and therefore keep elasticity and natural flexibility of leather unchanged, and allow us to cover rounded, irregularly shaped panels, angles, and corners.


Exploded view of leather tiles for wall and floor coverings

Every leather tiles are made of a soft and flexible structure able to fit perfectly every kind of surface even curved or irregular. Each tile ( 4.5 mm thick) is covered with natural leather. Moreover, the materials employed grant the highest levels of thermal and acoustic comfort, creating a cosy cocoon-like environment within the most private, intimate rooms.
Each leather tiles structure is composed as follows:
Stain-proof and waterproof treated leather for covering
Layer of sound-absorbing material
Coupling fabric for leather tiles
Self-adhesive coupling system


Guarantee and after sales care

All Lapèlle leather tiles undergo to several chemical, physical, rinsing and fireproofing tests in order to guarantee a long-lasting durability. It is fundamental though, in order to protect the beauty of the installation throughout time, to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or sources of heat. The leather tiles cleaning, finally, which is extremely easy, must be done with solely neutral non-aggressive products.


Installation movie

The movie has been realized to underline the innovative Lapèlle Design installation system. Based on a velcro fixing kit, it let apply easyly each tile and then move it or change it according to design trends or to personal preferences. The movie is avaliable in the following languages: