Soundproofing N. 2: from technical solutions to sound-absorbing leather tiles

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Let’s carry on with the journey discovering buildings and the most interesting solutions of sound-proofing.


A first example is Skype, the well known start-up of communication, telephony and Internet. Skype established its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, in the heart of the most famous technology hub. Skype has committed the design of its headquarters to the design studio “Design Blitz” that based its proposal on the basic principles of the culture and mission of Skype. Thus, was born the central idea of the whole project, which focuses on three types of space, the same spaces of the Skype working day: spaces for collaboration, contemplation and concentration. The spaces for ‘concentration’, or individual workstations, have been placed  along the perimeter of the building. The ‘collaboration’, as moments of sharing and exchange, is placed in the center of the building, as a  sort of ‘square’ referring to the concept of the greek ‘agora’. Spaces  for ‘contemplation’, needful to clear your mind and your individual and  group creativity, instead have been obtained in separate rooms,  in a honeycomb structure that appears absolutely sound-proofed from the rest  of the building.


A  second example is located in London. Selfridges celebrated in 2013 the  event ‘the sound of silence’, reconstructing the famous ‘Silence Room‘ by  Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909 – a space that allow customers to split off from the vortex and bustle of shopping and stress of everyday  life. The room tries to minimize the acoustic and also visual overexposure, taking a rest and regenerate through an optimal acoustic  insulation and a clean and minimal design. Used furnishings and  materials made this possible: walls and floors covered with insulation  materials, soundproofing armchairs, textile and tactile raw  materials.


The third case we are talking about today, it is really different from the two  before: rather than reducing noise, it ‘converts’ it through an  absolutely unique technological innovation. The project, curated by the  Designer Industry Rudolf Stefanich, offers a device that assembled on the  windows of a building collects the annoying sounds, processes them and  eliminates them before they get inside the rooms. But the system is not  only this: it also allows you to identify the various noises coming from the  outside, enabling the most pleasant sounds to penetrate into the  building. An example: the device would be able to shield the traffic noises,  letting the sound of the singing birds go into the rooms. This innovative  project was awarded to James Dyson Award 2013.


In this text we looked at a lot of technical solutions which, however, neglect the aesthetic appearance of the workplace . Lapèlle Design , the new brand of Scamosceria Astico tannery patented in 2012 a new system of acoustic insulation that , unlike other sound proofing coverings, take into consideration the design and elegance of the product. Lapèlle Design proposes , for the most exclusive interiors, leather tiles for walls and floors that provide an effective sound-absorbing shell and a unique design and personalized service.


To ensure each project its own unique tiles leather Lapèlle Design are available in shapes and sizes that you can find here. At this link is available our catalog in pdf format that can be helpful to learn more about the company and the Lapèlle Design collections.