Lapèlle Design leather tiles: a new pyramid, one shape, thousands solutions

5 September 2014 Senza categoria 0 Comments

Lapèlle Design introduces its last news: a new asymmetric pyramid that can be matched with other already available squared and rectangular shapes.


The new pyramidal leather tiles are available in all Lapèlle Design colours and collections so to let you create thousands of different compositions customizing them on your needs and preferences.

Lapèlle Design, the new Scamosceria Astico’s brand dedicated to leather tiles for wall coverings and floors, introduces a new pyramidal shape conceived to be matched with other already available squared and rectangular leather tiles.


In these pictures a new, romantic and brilliant composition that opens the way to a new chapter of Lapèlle Design leather tiles possible creations. A mosaic of small tiles used like pixels to create shapes and emotions. The Lapèlle Design red rose, realized with a customized Venus color on a background of Suede #20, is composed by cm 5×5 tiles and the new 3D cm10x10 tile that, thanks to its irregular pyramid surface, gives different shadows according to its orientation.


The new Lapèlle Design pyramidal leather tiles have been chosen to decorate the company’s headquarters reception. The covered wall is lightly curved and, thanks to the patented leather tiles structure that maintains the natural leather softness, Lapèlle Design collections can fit perfectly on it.

In this case the composition uses different shapes and dimensions: a rectangular shape (cm15x30), different squared shape (cm 30×30, cm 5×5) and the new pyramidal square (cm 10×10).

To underline the elegance of a rose, the composition chose a red colours palette declining it in the Water Suede collection (#20) and in the Venus model.


‘Leather tiles can be considered an unconventional wall covering – says Mr. Pietro Bettanin, Scamosceria Astico’s CEO – and sometimes people ask us why they might prefer leather than other materials. The answer can be found in several points and maybe the most important is its elegance that expresses all the italian style and quality’.

But what are the other points?

One of course is the comfort: Lapèlle Design leather tiles use only natural leather giving warmth to any interior. The patented tiles structure is also sound absorbing, perfect for bedrooms or home cinema rooms. Lapèlle Design leather tiles are suffed with a soft foam that makes them soft to touch, pleasurable to walk on.

Another reason to choose Lapèlle Design leather tiles is their installation system. They are flexible and therefore ideal covering for rounded, irregular walls, angles and corners and they also can be cut during the installation. The installation is simple, intuitive and does not require any specialized staff and let you also make mistakes or change idesa because Lapèlle Design leather tiles can be removed and replaced endless times.

Lapèlle Design leather tiles are also the ideal solution in case of renovation because they do not weight heavily on structures and they can be placed on already existing floors and coverings, avoiding the demolition and discharge costs.

Lapèlle Design is a simple concept with thousands declinations. Maybe the right solution to give unicity and exclusivity to a interior design project.