Leather tiles: with wood, marble and glass for new luxury floors

5 September 2014 Senza categoria 0 Comments

A selection of exclusive raw materials for unique floorings: leather floor tiles, inlaid marbles, decorated wood, glass



The exclusivity and elegance of interior design is mostrly made by the selected materials that are the furnishing frame. Stones, wood, glass, leather have in common the raw material naturalness that, worked without distorting it, offers innovative solutions for new floorings and new types of floor tiles.



Let’s start with the ceramic floor tiles: the variety of shapes and sizes of these flooring tiles allows you to compose classical vocated designs to be applyed in new and original floors.
In this image, different stone typologies match together till an uncoventional proposal for extremely exclusive and particular floors.



 Wood: another raw material that is used to be installed in slats, can compose perspective or flower drawings for classical or modern floors.



Even the glass, a natural material not often used for floorings, can be converted in elegant floor tiles.

leather-tiles-for-floor-lapèlle-design-leather-tiles-for-wall-covering-and-floor-for-new-luxury-hotel-600x600 leather-tiles-for-floor-lapèlle-design-leather-tiles-for-wall-covering-and-floor-600x400

The leather floor tiles, finally, are a interior design new product introduced by Lapèlle Design to use natural raw materials and create solutions for new and original floors ensuring comfort, intimacy and elegance to the rooms in which they are inserted. Unlike other materials, in addition, Lapèlle Design leather floor tiles are soft and are therefore particularly suitable for rooms where walking barefoot becomes a small privilege.