New Mosaics

Lapèlle Design has started a collaboration with the architect Silvia Sandini to create leather tiles compositions that play with the variety of shapes, colors and finishes of the Lapèlle Design leather tiles collections. The result of this collaboration is a set of different styles, from the simplest to the most eccentric, which have a common thread: the elegance and exclusivity of Lapèlle Design leather tiles for unique wall coverings perfect for different contexts: from hotels to private residences, from yachts to showrooms, from offices to bedrooms.

Geometric wall collection - Max Bill tribute composition n.415

In this mosaic, arch. Silvia Sandini, using Lapèlle Design leather tiles, gives her own interpretation of a painting by Max Bill, an eclectic genius of the arts of XX century.


Geometric wall collection composition n. 401

Two different versions of the same leather tiles composition that, changing just the colours set, revolutionizes the wall covering style.


Geometric wall collection composition n. 403

An asymmetric structure calms the contrast of leather tiles shapes and sizes by using neutral colours. The pale gray, almost white, is the basis of the alternation of sand and dove grey for a very elegant and contemporary leather tiles composition.


Geometric wall collection composition n. 408

Vintage style and colours for this leather tiles composition that results perfect for most fashionable interior design contexts.


Optical Art collection - Indiana Robert tribute Composition no. 110

In this mosaic, the architect Silvia Sandini uses Lapèlle Design leather tiles to create a wall covering in style. The strong, contrasting colours make up the word Love, the protagonist of the works of Robert Indiana and the whole pop art in general.


Optical Art collection - Indiana Robert tribute. Composition no. 111


Textile collection - Composition no. 304

The architect Silvia Sandini with Lapèlle Design leather tiles creates a wall covering that seems to play with the warp and weft of a Scottish fabric. The colours shades, chosen in the wide Lapèlle Design range, make contrasts of light and shadows building a mosaic complex but harmonious, elaborated and very elegant.


Geometric wall collection - Composition no. 413

Perfect for a whole wall or even a single insert, Lapèlle Design leather tiles compose a particular mosaic using the triangular shape. The secret of beauty of this mosaic is the unusual and elegant colour combination, chosen by the architect Silvia Sandini to give the composition harmony, exclusivity and uniqueness.


Textile collection - Composition no. 303

Imagine a wall that from a white background becomes the main element of interior design. This composition of Lapèlle Design leather tiles suggests a graphic scheme that we usually find in fine fabrics and it is composed combining triangular leather tiles in four different but complementary color schemes, ensuring glamour and elegance to the entire wall covering.