From ceramic to the leather tiles: the story

5 September 2014 Senza categoria 0 Comments

The leather tiles are the latest innovation of a story that begins over 2000 years ago with the processing of the first ceramic tiles and represents the synthesis between the craft and the creative aspect in a few square centimeters.


Historians believe the ceramic tiles an early materials used in the decoration of houses and then growing has become a global product thanks to its material characteristics: it is durable and functional as it is a design object because the houses decorate the floor coverings.

Ceramic tiles have been the basic element for creating true works of art, mosaics, which are found early in the greek-roman culture where housing and public meeting places were adorned with wonderful compositions of ceramic tiles.


Returning to the present, the ceramic tiles are a winning asset of the Italian production: the export of tiles from our country is equivalent to approximately EUR 2.4 billion for the year in revenue, a real asset to our economy, as well that the nth factor proudly “Made in Italy“.


The latest innovation in the universe of the coatings consists of leather tiles Lapèlle Design that make the surface of the  soft tiles, give heat to the coating and do not allow the formation of moisture on the walls.


Thanks to the leather tiles was then possible to overcome the last obstacle dictated the rigidity of ceramics. The softness and flexibility of leather tiles allows them to be folded and cut to cover curved surfaces such as wood paneling and poof; Lapèlle Design has finally patented a system that allows Velcro adhesion and easy removal of the tiles the skin to let create new compositions for any occasion.


The story of the tiles has accompanied man from the beginning of history in the decoration of the rooms. Now it’s preparing to conquer the market of interior design and luxury thanks to Lapèlle Design leather tiles.